Show that you care

Make yourself aware

Of what you might ask?

I don’t care what race you are

I don’t care if your gay or straight

Pretty or ugly

Rich or poor

Young or old

Love to go out or stay home

Have hobbies that you love or

that make you stand up for hours

Have great family and friends

I really don’t care if your Caring or selfish

Oh you say you have A job ill fix that

Because I’m the most selfish uncaring thing in the world. If you think you have friends and family think again once you tell them you have a chronic pain syndrome called rsd/crps you will find out who is a loyal friend and loyal family member

They say blood is thicker than water yeah right

Ill make sure they think its all in your head

Make you mad

Make you sad

Make you not focus

Make you feel like a zombie from lack of sleep

Make you not want to leave the house because of what I’m doing to your skin

I will emotionally physically and mentally drain you

I won’t stop until I take everything from you

Your money

Your saneness

Ill make you think your going crazy

Ill make you think your a druggie

So people call you hot and beautiful

I will make you feel physically hot by making your skin feel like its on fire

Fine fine ill tell you who I am

My name is RSD/CRPS get use to me ill be here forever!!

I can go away for a little with the right amount of drugs and treatment

Your skin burns you say well

Someone who can put out the fire

Good luck finding someone who can put up with me.

Yours truly