Ok, well it’s 5 1/2 weeks since I got diagnosed and I thought once they knew what the problem was they’d help me a bit more. I couldn’t have been more wrong – it seems until I get into the rehab unit they’re just gonna leave me to it and hope for the best. But it’s not just the pain I have to deal with anymore or the numbeness, the cold, the colour changes or the fact my foot looks alien to the rest of my body most of the time. I’ve lost my mind – I don’t mean in a depressed way (even though I did do that a few weeks ago), I can’t remember anything anymore; people’s names- forgotten as soon as I’m told it, tasks I have to do in work, appointments I make, even going to the toilet sometimes and forgetting where I move something to or put it down. Everything is shod – if I don’t think about it constantly it’s forgotten.

Also, I can’t oncentrate for any longer than an hour – if i’m doing something I can concentrate perfectly and it goes in but after that hour if it’s exactly the same thing, I’m gone – forgot what i was doing and how to do it or I can’t piece it together, everything just goes fuzzy.

Then to add to the fact i’m forgetting everything, I’ve also got pain in both wrists – nurse reckons it’s RSI, I can only hope she’s wrong in a way cause RSI usually involves damage to the nerves and 3 guesses where our lovely friend would want to visit next? Although I don’t know why i’m surprised, why let my hands be free of pain when they’re the only thing was left working perfectly. 🙁 My foots injured so shoes, walking etc are screwed; my heads messed up cause my memory’s shoddy and to top it off both my hands now hurt with use too. I’m just waiting for it to effect everywhere else- I mean hey I’m only 21 it’s not like I had dreams or anything!!!! Sorry, I know most of you are in a similar position- I just needed to let it all out cause it’d drive me insane otherwise. :-/ Now what was I supposed to be doing before i wrote this?????