I went away last weekend for some respite and recovery with Help for Heroes. It was absolutely fabulous!

However I then popped into an event in London on my way home where the pain really started. In my speed to help one of my friends I didn’t think what effect it may have on my own health.

So when I ended up in A&E getting assistance for the increased pain I hoped that one day and it would all be over again. However that was not to happen; after a week of varying pain levels and feet that could rival that of an elephants hoof I decided to take myself to Wales. I had spent far too long in my own head and needed some time to get myself together and talk it out with people who know me.

This I managed but I am now struggling to work out how to deal with the increase in pain longer term and how to integrate the decisions I’ve made back into my life.

Pain will never finish me but it makes me re-evaluate everything in my life and realise that life never stops. Even when the pain tries to make me!